How Deck Effects Work:
  • When you group certain Astels together in a deck and have enough "Deck Points" you gain a special effect or bonus.
  • Each Astel contributes a certain amount of "Deck Points" to a specific effect.
  • Each effect has 3 levels, with 9 Deck Points required for the level 1 effect, 15 points for level 2 and 24 points for level 3. The higher the effect level, the better the effect is.
  • Increase an Astel's Star ranking to increase their Deck Point contribution to their Deck effects. For example a 1 Star Astel might give 1 Point to an Effect, while a 5 Star Astel might contribute 3 Points to the Effect.
  • For example, if Seika, Miho and Link each contribute 3 Deck Points to "Acrobatics", then that would give you the level 1 "Acrobatics" effect (total of 9 points).
  • You can have multiple deck effects at the same time if you meet the Astel and Deck Point requirements