These are just a few PvE combos I've used as I play and learn the game. This is no way the definitive or best way - just from my personal experience. I recommending expanding on and experimenting from my ideas to find what works best for you.

Also keep in mind, these suggestions do NOT take into account what Astels you are using. Obviously if you're using an Astel like Serpens to help poison the target your combos would be different. So, depending on the Astels you use, some of my suggestions below may not be optimal.

Generally for solo farming, I like to use Papilia for her Papilia Devotion heal and using the Brutality + Morning Glory Co-op healing. If its an Elite mob or I'm taking too much damage, I'll throw in a tank with Papilia for a short time to absorb some damage.

For boss fights, I like to use a DPS Astel, since you'll have a healer in your party. But what Astel you use is completely up to you based on your preference and play style.

Edges: The Assassin's combo points. You'll constantly be needing to add Edge pts in combat to increase some skill's effectiveness. You can maintain up to 6 Edge points at any given time, and they expire after 30 seconds if not used. There are 3 skills the generate Edge points:

Wraith Edge - Only if target is poisoned or bleeding (good dmg if poisoned or bleeding)

Shadow Strike - Only when attacking from behind (decent dmg)

Shadow Pierce - No prereq. short cd, use this every time its available (very little dmg, only for getting Edge)

You'll want to put these skills where they are easily accessible on your skill bar as you'll constantly be using these to build up Edge points.

Combos: From my experience, there is no one combo to rule them all. Each situation will require changes to your rotations, based on skill CDs and fight situation.

Base Combo

I generally use this combo to generate Edges throughout the fight, and throw in Edge consuming skills between the CDs of the base combo.

Start with Shadow Sting to apply Bleed, Wraith Edge for +1 Edge

Shadow Strike for +1 Edge (if behind mob), Shadow Pierce for +1 Edge

This will get you 3 Edge, and in this situation, you have options depending on the mob.

Always use your Edge generating skills as soon as they are off CD to keep building Edges for your burst damage.

Note: You should be able to use Wraith Edge twice before Shadow Sting wears off, so make sure to use Wraith Edge immediately on CD, to get that 2nd Edge, then wait for both CDs and repeat.

Single Target:

Solo mob farming: Dagger Throw to aggro the mob, when they approach, Veiled Strike to stun, then Blink to get behind them. If you have Edge remaining from a previous kill, you can use Wraith Rift as well.

Follow that up with one of your strongest burst damage skills Shadow Blitz, with the extra damage from stunned target. If you want to maximize the damage, you could add a Shadow Strike + Brutality right before. However that will consume 1 Edge, leaving less for your follow-up combos.

After your opener, use the Base Combo to generate Edge. If you are fighting normal mobs, they should be almost dead by now.

For maximum damage, your Burst damage skills should be preceded by Brutality. Brutality only lasts for a couple seconds so make sure you follow up immediately with your burst skill. Keep in mind that this skill consumes 1 Edge.

The highest damage skills you should follow up Brutality with are Shadow Blitz, Targeted Strike and Lunge. You'll cycle through these skills the longer the fight. Generally the initial burst skill should be Shadow Blitz. While that has a long cool down, the next skill you should consider is Targeted Strike. It has a relatively fast cooldown and good damage if you crit. If both of those are on CD and you need to burn Edges, then go for Lunge.

If the mob is easy kill, I'll use the Brutality Targeted Strike combo with only 3 Edges. (1 Edge for Brutality, with a 2-Edge Targeted Strike) With the relatively short CD on targeted strike I can farm mobs quickly and efficiently, while replacing it with shadow blitz if its available

If the mob has more than normal HP, it might be better to build up more Edge before doing your Burst skill.


In this situation, you should always be behind the boss, making Edge gaining easier. For boss fights, ALWAYS use your Edge gaining skills whenever they are off CD. The more quickly you can get Edges the more often you can deal your burst damage.

For bosses, start off with Contaminate to get some DoT going. Use this on CD to keep the poison going. Then go into your Base Combo. I like to build up more Edges before the Burst damage. After the Base Combo, I'll use my first 3 Edges on Hasten and spam that while interweaving your Edge building skills. Then my next 3 Edges on Second Gear for super fast CDs, then start building Edges and consuming them on the burst damage skills.

Before your Brutality + Burst Skill combo, you can throw in a Enfeeble to weaken their defenses for even more damage.

AoE mobs

Unfortunately, Assassin AoE is weak. But its better to contribute as much as you can when the tank is pulling groups.

Before engaging wait for the tank to gather the mobs. Your AoE range is relatively small, so the more grouped up the mobs are the more AoE damage you will do.

I start with Contaminate (try to target the biggest Mob in the group, the bigger the mob the bigger the poison area) to try to get as many of the mobs poisoned. Follow up with Shadow Assault and Spectral Dash - inflicting more damage to poisoned targets.

Then just go through your standard AoE skills Frenzy and Fatal Blitz.

Make sure to weave in +Edge skills to maximize Frenzy damage.


If you're running low on mana, don't be afraid to use a 3-Edge Explosive Trap to restore mana. Long boss fights will drain your mana quickly. Use this when you have 3 Edges. 1-2 Edges will return very little mana and is not worth it. (BTW, who came up with these skill names?!)

Vampiric Mark to heal some HP mid-fight (if your healer is AFK/OOM)

Shadow Blitz, Targeted Strike and Lunge are your max damage skills. Make sure you use them when you have 3 Edge (or behind target for shadow blitz or Lunge). I like to use in order of Shadow Blitz then Targeted Strike, and when both of those are on CD, go with Lunge.


As you can see, what you do after you generate your Edges is up to your situation. Consider trying out different combos that could be more efficient. As I play more and discover newer/better combos, I'll update it here!
- Airen

My skill bar layout:

I keep my Edge-building skills on 1-4 for easy access. Not only for easy access, but so I can also use my WASD movement keys at the same time to position myself behind mobs as much as possible. Then my damage dealing skills on 5-7 as they are my 2nd most common used. I put Brutality on S+2, and use it before my damage skills.

Then I have my AoE skills on S+4 - S+7 for mob groups. With 0 being the Contaminate.

For soloing I have my Ctrl 1-4 Dagger Throw, Veiled Strike, Blink Combo for opening up on mobs, and Wraith Rift if its available.

Everything else is rare use or situational, so I usually manually click them. (S8 - S0, Ctrl 5-0)