This guide covers all the basic aspects of the game, plus additional tips when starting out new and progressing through the game.

Character Stats

Unlike other RPG style games with 5 character stats, Astellia has 8 different stats. Each stat has a specific effect on the character. When choosing a class, keep in mind the stats you want to focus on building up through equipment and enhancements to improve your abilities.

Attribute Effect
STR Affects your Physical Attack, Physical hit Accuracy & Physical Defense.
AGI Affects your Physical Accuracy & Evasion
DEX Affects your Physical Crit
CON Affects your Energy, Health & Magic Defense
INT Affects your Magic Attack & Magic effect Accuracy
WIS Affects your Magic Accuracy, Magic Critical Accuracy & Magic effect Accuracy
KNW Affects your Magic Critical Attack, Magic Critical Accuracy & Effect Resistance
WIL Affects your Spell Power and Mana


Astels are small companions you aquire throughout the game. At level 1, you'll start with two Astels. Each Astel has a specific class, stats, skills and gains levels just like your character. During game play, you will be able to summon these Astels to assist you in combat. For example, if you are a DPS class, you may want to summon a tank Astel to tank mobs for you, or a healer to keep you sustained during battle.

When you aquire new Astels, they will be placed in a special toolbar called an "Astel Deck". You can have up to 8 Astels in your Deck and can interact with them with the F1-F8 keys.

Along with your standard HP/MP bars, you'll have a 3rd bar called AP. By having an Astel summoned, your AP will be consumed over time. However, your AP regenerates quicker than having a single Astel summoned, so you'll always be able to have one Astel summoned at all times.

However, if you summon a 2nd Astel, your AP will be consumed faster than it can regenerate, thus you will only be able to sustain two Astels for a limited time. You can summon up to 3 Astels at a time, however this will consume your AP very quickly and will only last for a short amount of time.

Once all your AP is consumed, your summoned Astels will go away except for your one base Astel that will stay summoned (and your AP will regenerate again). There are potions that will allow you to regenerate your AP faster for a limited time, thus being able to sustain 2 Astels at a time without losing AP.

If your Astel dies in combat, there will be a cooldown before you can re-summon them. There is also a cooldown when you de-summon an Astel that is not at 100% HP. The cooldown time is based on the amount of HP missing when you de-summon the Astel.


There are four major currencies related to the game.

  • Asper - In game gold currency. The general "gold" for all in-game shop transactions and fees for Enchantments.
  • Zender - Loyalty currency. Aquired from quests, achievements, Avalon and logging in daily.
  • Gem - Cash shop currency. Used to purchase cash-shop items.
  • BENA Cash - Purchased with real-world currencies. Can be converted into Gems to use in the cash shop.


Your character has 6 equipement slots. Necklace, Earring, Ring, Bracelet, Weapon & Armor. Your Weapon and Armor are class specific, while accessories can be used across all classes.

Your Weapon, Ring and Earring are consided your "Attack" equiement for enhancement purposes, while your Armor, Necklace and Bracelet are considered your "Defense" equipment.

There are 5 grades of equipment starting with Common, Uncommon, Rare, Heroic and Legendary.

Dismantle Equipment

If you find gear you don't need or you've out grown it, you can try to sell it or dismantle it. By dismantling equipement, you will receive Enhancement Stones. Enhancement Stones are required to Enhance your gear by enchanting it to a +1 all the way upto +10. Enhancing high level gear requires lots of Enhancement stones, so always look to stock up as you find unusable gear.

To dismantle a piece of equipment, click the "hammer" icon in your inventory window, then click on the piece of equipement you want to dismantle. The higher grade the equipement you dismantle, the more Enhancement Stones you will receive.



Runes are special material used to enhance your equipment. There are two Rune types, Attack and Defense Runes. The specific Runes types can be applied to the same Equipement type mentioned above. Runes also have 5 grades of quality with increaing bonus effects just like equipment.

You'll obtain Runes from drops, quests and crafting. You'll most likely fill your inventory with Common and Uncommon runes as you level up. You'll also notice that Runes sell for 1 Asper each, so not exactly worth selling. The best way to get rid of your un-wanted Runes is to Fuse them. Fusing requires consuming 5 Runes to create a new Rune. This can be done with any Runes. The better quality Runes you use to fuse, the better quality new Rune you will receive.

To fuse Runes, open your inventory window ("I" key) and click the three gem triangle icon. This will open a new window. Then, select the 5 Runes you want to fuse to create a new gem.



Star Jewels

Star Jewels are another special material used to enhance your Astel's abilities and powers. There are 5 types of Star Jewels. Each Astel can be equiped with a single Star Jewel of each type. Star Jewels have 5 grades of quality just like Equipment and Runes.

An Astel can only use the quality of Star Jewel matching their Star Level. When viewing your Astel deck ("J" key), you'll be able to see what Star level each of your Astels are. If an Astel has 1 Star, then they can only use Common Star Jewels. If they have 2 Stars, then they can use Uncommon Star Jewels and so forth.

You can increase the Star level of your Astels by collecting more Astel cards of the same Astel.

You also can Fuse 5 Star Jewels to receive a new one just like Runes.

Atra Crystals

Atra Crystals are a material used to enhance your Character Stats. By applying an Atra Crystal to a stat, you'll increase that stat's value by a percentage. Of course, the higher grade Atra Crystal, the higher percentage the stat can increase. You can enhance a single stat up to 5 times.

atra-crystal.png atra-crystal2.png

The total number enhancements available is based on the number of Astels you own. For example with 20 Astels, you will have 10 enhancements available to apply to your stats.

At any time you can reset the enhancements to try to improve your percentage rate, however, this will delete the enhancement crystals applied and you'll need to apply new crystals.

For a min/maxer, you may need to consume many crystals to maximize the percentage of stat increase. For example, if a crystal improves a stat by 1-5%, you apply the first crystal and get a 5% roll. But, then you apply the 2nd crystal and get a 1% roll, you may want to reset that stat's enhancements and try again, until you can get 5 good rolls (possibly 5 x 5% with a maximum of 25% enhancement).

Crafting & Gathering

Gem: jewelry Relic: Atra crystals

Leveling Tips

These are some general tips when just starting out and leveling.

  • Check your Achievements window often to claim rewards. You'll receive many rewards for completing achievements including potions, scrolls, materials and resources.
  • To ensure you level up at a resonable rate, make sure you do side quests along with the main story quest. Just doing the main story quest will not be enough to reach max level. Repeatable quests are optional and not required to keep up in levels for each zone.
  • Some side quests will only appear after you complete the main story quest in the area. So if you don't see many quests in a new area, try completing the main story quest for that area then new side quests will open up.
  • When doing side quests you'll recieve fragments as a reward. Talk to a fragment NPC in major towns to buy new equipment that is generally better than mob drops and quest reward equipment.
  • If you die and respawn at a Resurection point, make sure to talk to the healer to remove the Resurection penalty debuff for a small fee. Each time you die and dont remove the debuff penalty, the negative effects of the debuff will get worse.