Astellia's Christmas Event will start on 12/17 and will go until 1/7.

The holiday event includes a Holiday zone with daily quests and dungeon changes (during event).

Login Event:

Login daily for rewards:

  • 5 minutes - 1 Roast Turkey (10% Character EXP for 30 min)
  • 30 minutes - 2 Atra Tonics
  • 60 minutes - 1 Roast Turkey
  • 120 minutes - 1 Greater Astel Card Pack

Event Quests:

Enter Snow Valley (Holiday event zone) to complete daily quests, decorate a Christmas tree and earn event tokens, asper and experience.

Dungeon Changes:

These dungeon changes are in effect only during the event:

  • Legendary dungeon difficulties have been reduced. Drop rates remain the same.
  • Legendary items can drop in all level 50 dungeons (solo & party).

Event Token Vendor

Exchange your event tokens for various rewards including:

  • Elite Thunder Cross Braga Astel Skin
  • Thunder Cross Hat
  • Merry Christmas Title
  • Christmas Candy (Decreased Skill Cool downs)
  • Christmas Cake (Increased Attack Speed)
  • Roast Turkey (10% Increased Character EXP Gain)

For more information about the event, read the official post at