So, you've finally reached level 50 and you think you've finally made it, but that's when the real fun begins!

First you'll notice once you reach 50, you'll still continue to gain experience from kills and quests. This experience is needed for your class evolution. You can see how much experience you have at level 50 by looking at the bottom left corner of the game, next to your level.

Each class has 3 different Evolutions to choose from. The Evolved Classes have new skills and bonus stat enhancements. After you choose an Evolution, you will continue to level your class with Star Levels (1-5 stars).

These tables show the Evolutions for each class, and how they enhance your character.

Warrior Evolutions Enhancements
Crusader Increases Physical and Magical Defense each Star Level.
Berserker Increases Physical Attack and Physical Critical Attack each Star Level.
Gladiator Increases Physical Attack and Physical Accuracy each Star Level.
Assassin Evolutions Enhancements
Nightblade Increases Physical Crit Rate and Physical Accuracy each Star Level.
Phantom Increases Evasion and Critical Evasion each Star Level.
Avenger Increases Physical Attack and Physical Crit Attack each Star Level.
Archer Evolutions Enhancements
Bounty Hunter Increases Physical Attack and Energy each Star Level.
Hawkeye Increases Physical Accuracy and Physical Crit Accuracy each Star Level.
Ranger Increases Physical Crit Attack and Evasion each Star Level.
Mage Evolutions Enhancements
Wizard Increases Magic Attack and Magic Crit Attack each Star Level.
Sorcerer Increases Magic Attack and Spell Power each Star Level.
Witch Increases Magic Crit Attack and Spell Power each Star Level.
Scholar Evolutions Enhancements
Cleric Increases Magic Attack and Spell Power each Star Level.
Shaman Increases Magic Attack and Magic Crit Attack each Star Level.
Oracle Increases Spell Power and Physical Defense each Star Level.

After you've decided which Evolution you want, open your Character window (P key), and click Details at the bottom to open your Character Growth panel. At the top you'll see 3 buttons, Class Evolution, Character Enhancement and Evolution Info.

The Evolution Info tab just provides more information about each Evolution class and what new Skills you will get with that Evolution.

To actually Evolve into your desired class, click on Class Evolution. Note: To evolve into your Enhanced Class, you will consume 921,120 EXP. If you don't have enough EXP, the button will be grayed out.

When you open the Class Evolution you will be able to select which Evolved class you want. Just select which Evolved Class you desire and click "Evolve into ...".

After you Evolve, you will start with 0 Stars. To increase your Star Level, click on the Character Enhancement tab. To increase your Star Level, you will need to consume more EXP.

Here is a table showing how much EXP is required to Evolve and reach the next Star Level.

Base Class to Evolved Class (0 Stars) 921,120 EXP
Enhance to 1 Star 1,140,482 EXP
Enhance to 2 Stars 1,498,443 EXP
Enhance to 3 Stars 2,166,696 EXP
Enhance to 4 Stars 3,356,419 EXP
Enhance to 5 Stars 5,631,238 EXP
Total EXP required (1st Class): 14,714,398 EXP

Each Star Level you increase will increase the specific Stats from the Evolved Class info posted above.

Changing Evolutions

Don't like the Evolved class you chose? No problem. If you evolve into a class you don't like, you can change your evolved class at any time (assuming you have the EXP required). To change your evolved class, simply click Class Evolution and select the new class. Note, this requires the 921,120 EXP to re-evolve to the new class. You will then start over at 0 Stars and will need to work your way back up the Star Levels with the new Evolution. 

Also, any existing Star Levels you have will disappear when you change your Evolved class. For example if you have 5 Stars in Evolution A, then change to Evolution B, then decide to change back to Evolution A, you will start over at 0 Stars in Evolution A, even though you had 5 Stars before.

Evolution Skills

As you Evolve to your class, you'll notice you gain new Skills as you increase your Star Level. There are two types of Skills you gain as you increase in Star Level. Exclusive skills and Awakened Skills. Awakened skills are unlocked at 5 Stars, while Exclusive skills are unlocked at 1 and 3 Star Levels.

Exclusive skills are accessible when you maintain your current Evolved class. If you change Evolved classes, you won't be able to access the previous Evolved class skills.

However, Awakened skills are different in that once you gain an Awakened skill, that skill will remain unlocked even if you change your Evolved class. For example if you unlock the Awakened skill for Evolved Class A, then decide to change to Evolved Class B, you will still keep your Evolved Class A Awakened skills. (Only the Evolved Class A Exclusive skills will be disabled)

So it is possible to obtain and keep the Awakened skills for every Evolved class, by leveling each up to 5 Stars to unlock them.